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Traveling is a beautiful thing, and today more people than ever are venturing around the globe. Some do it for fun, some people engage in intense business trips while others are looking to shoot top quality videos. Everyone has their own agenda and passion that drives them with the force of strong as ocean waves on a stormy night. I happen to be a writer or just a person who loves typing words, either for work or hobby purposes. Especially, when they come naturally, from your surroundings! Traveling As A Writer is a combination like no other, our world is so diverse, and every sunrise presents a unique day. In this piece, composed of nothing more than words and feelings, I share my travel experience from Latin America, and which things sparks that lovely fire inside.

Nature & Wild AdventuresBUTEKE - Traveling As A Writer

Traveling As A Writer through third world countries like Guatemala or Costa Rica, activities you do in nature is without a doubt one of the best things you could do for finding inspiration and having fun at the same time.

But what makes an excellent adventure that is worth writing about? Basically any, all you need to do is go out there and do it with positivity and respect for nature.

While the docks and the little town of San Pedro, residing on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala where buzzing with charming local people and backpackers, I managed to make only five steps before a guide approached me. He knew what I was up for that day, and guessed it right from the first try. Yes, I was going for a hike in Volcan San Pedro which reaches an elevation of 3020 meters.

Along the way to the top, I had a pleasure to have a fun conversation with a local guide, other travelers and stumble upon stunning views. Not to mention the thrilling tire swing at the mid-way! Once the top was close, the rainfall started which ended up blocking the view at the summit. I sighed loudly but didn’t lose patience. After 15 minutes the clouds broke, and the sight of wonders opened up.

Words started swarming around my head. I already wanted to write my adventure down, get that piece of paper or laptop and fill it with words. It's hard bearing an untold story inside you when you love to write and end up on the top of the volcano.

Latin America is made for adventures, and without a doubt, the best way to experience it is to immerse yourself in activities that involve nature.

New & Exotic TastesBUTEKE - Traveling As A Writer

I love food, and I mean, who doesn’t? Coming from a distant Eastern European country like Lithuania, tasting street food and trying out new tastes in local restaurants was something else.

Makes it clear to wonder why there are so many food blogs and similar entities all around the internet. Food inspires writing or let it be anything, especially when otherworldly tastes come your way.

Writer or not, backpacker or a holiday seeker, one should always seek to experience a new destination by trying its local food. After all, It is what separated nations and made them unique for centuries. It is the ultimate identity of a country and culture with so many different cooking techniques and traditions that are preserved to this day.
Whether it’s a Mexican Enchilada dating back to Mayan times or a favorite Central American dish like Gallo Pinto, venturing into the world of tastes is a must!

Charming Hostels & Their LocationsBUTEKE - Traveling As A Writer

When Traveling As A Writer, I really loved staying in places that surround you with beautiful views, interesting people and allows you to support the local community. Anything from small boutique hotels owned by local families, apartments and backpacker hostels.

Seeing all these different people with their own unique stories or sitting on a lovely hostel dock with three volcanos in front of you, an urge to write comes fast and makes your work more pleasant.

Trying to find your comfort spot is not always easy in places packed with travelers or even somewhere outside of it. Little did I know back then how many amazing gadgets you can find today.

I wish I had stumbled upon items like these earlier which would have helped me immensely. How many times I needed a comfortable table or my own corner of solitude, I can’t count. Being productive even in the most lovely places sometimes is a hard task, and would your personal mobile desktop help? Without a shadow of a doubt!

Poverty & Struggling People

One thing I noticed when Traveling As A Writer, nothing strikes more emotions than seeing the reality of many people. Sometimes it can be shrouded by a pretty curtain made of touristy places and hotels, which usually remains unrevealed.

Once an innocent car ride from Cartagena, Colombia to a lovely mountain village Minca left me with memories that to this day I still can’t write it down, nor truly express. A car window was a lousy shield from reality, it unveiled something that evokes empathy and humane feelings in the strongest of ways.

A whole village was drowning in garbage, with even homes made out of the litter. But I wasn’t truly there; therefore I had no right to write anything about it.

I decided to visit a similar village like this in Guatemala, under the beautiful name of Santa Cruz. To become a fragment, a part of it, at least for a moment.

Taking pictures with my smartphone wasn’t the best feeling, I suddenly felt guilty, even tho I shouldn’t be. Walking around and seeing a dry river turned into an ugly mosaic of litter, street dogs with their happiness long gone and kids playing football on a dusty, empty ground left a mark on my soul for life.

When I got back to my hostel, the only thing I wanted to do is write. Telling their story in words won’t save them, but at least make them exist for a moment, as it seems, in a world that forgot them.

Final Thoughts

Traveling in third world countries is not easy, especially when your favorite thing to do is something like writing. But the rewards are endless and fulfill you as a person and traveler. And whatever your passion may be, beware of those sneaky bursts of inspiration that can occur anywhere, and usually when you are least prepared. Be ready, stay sharp and explore more possibilities to make your trip more comfortable!

Written By: Vytautas Vaitkevicius -


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