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About Us

Who is Buteke? We are a team of like-minded individuals who love the word, Travel. Our small but mighty group has traveled for both business and pleasure and understand the needs of both groups.

From buses to board rooms, planes to campsites, we have checked the travel boxes which would cause the most seasoned travelers to cringe. From our traveler experiences, we have created a travel boutique of products that help you navigate through a sometimes uncomfortable travel experience.

Our goal is to provide travelers with the essentials needed to elevate their travel experience. We'll be the first to tell you, we don't know it all, but that's why you're here. We strive to build a community of travelers and encourage you to tell us your travel stories. Cliche as it sounds, only as a community will we learn and grow.

At Buteke we strive to have everything you would want in many Travel categories. If there is something you love and we don't have it, directly hit up our contact form or and we would be glad to try and make it a reality!

We aim for having long term customers and have decided as a company that it's essential to over-deliver!

Make sure you bookmark this site and come back often as we are always giving something away.

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